Issues & Positions

In April 2021, our office held a series of online neighbourhood town halls. The following were the most requested topics from attendees.

Birth Tourism

For many years, Birth Tourism has been a large issue in our community, where foreigners travel to Canada for the purpose of giving birth to skip the process of properly obtaining citizenship.

This practice is immoral and makes a mockery of Canadian citizenship by making it something that can simply be purchased. 

As your MP, Kenny Chiu has fought against this practice in Parliament and has stood beside local groups who share the same distaste for it.

MP Chiu has questioned the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration on this topic multiple times, he has stood in the House and challenged the practice, and he will continue to advocate and seek change to protect Canada from the harmful practice of Birth Tourism.

After pressuring the Minister responsible, MP Chiu has learned that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is conducting an investigation into the scope of Birth Tourism across the country. He will be advocating for release of the data as the study concludes later this year.

His office has also confirmed with the CRA that birth tourism does not allow travellers to receive the Canada Child Benefit or any family benefit. Simply having a child being born in Canada is not sufficient to allow eligibility as the parent is the applicant for benefits and they are required to be a Canadian citizen or have a spouse/partner who is a Canadian citizen.

Environment and Climate Change

MP Chiu believes that climate change is real. He understands that, in order to solve this crisis, the government must take concrete action to protect the environment. That is why he has been in support of the Conservative’s Climate change policies since they were first introduced in 2008. Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Official Opposition, recently released a plan to put a price on carbon emissions.


Under this plan, Canada will reach and even surpass our Paris Agreement emission reduction target. While the liberal carbon tax is collected by government bureaucrats, under the Conservative’s plan, your money will go directly back to you in the form of a registered savings account which you can use for a variety of environmental initiatives. MP Chiu is also committed to ensuring that 30% of all vehicles sold by 2030 are electric; in fact, he already drives a plug-in hybrid himself.

Click here to learn more about our plan for the environment.

LGBT+ Canadians

MP Chiu strives for a Canada that is tolerant and accepting of everyone regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation or identity. Kenny is a champion of the liberties, freedoms, and values that make Canada the great nation that it is. Hate and discrimination has no place in Canada. He believes in the rule of law and of the absolute equality of each and every Canadian under the constitution. In 2020, he has made his office an RCMP-designated “Safe Space” for LGBT+ members fleeing violence or crisis situations.  


Kenny is firmly against the harmful practice of conversion therapy as it is used to coerce someone, especially children, into acting against their will. While he was in support of banning conversion therapy on the first vote, he was unable to support the bill on the final vote due to the Liberals refusal to provide adequate safeguards and clarity surrounding the legislation. Concrete assurances are needed from the government that professional support, parental counselling, and religious community guidance freely chosen by LGBTQ2 Canadians to limit sexual behaviour or de-transition will not fall under the government’s broad definition of conversion therapy. If this legislation does not pass before the next election, a Conservative government, with the support of MP Kenny Chiu, will ban all forms of the immoral practice of conversion therapy.


MP Chiu also supports his Conservative colleagues in calling for an end to the discriminatory practice of banning blood donations from gay men, something the Liberal government has said they would do yet have failed to deliver for years. MP Chiu believes that all Canadians should be able to donate blood if they are willing and that Canada should take all appropriate measures to maintain the safety and integrity of our nation’s blood supply. 

Gun Crime and Community Safety


MP Chiu understands the importance of keeping our community safe from gun violence and organized crime. He is firmly against the Liberal’s Bill C-22 which removes mandatory prison for crimes such as gun trafficking, robbery with a firearm, and befitting from human trafficking. These changes only benefit those who seek to harm others and do nothing to keep our communities safe. The recent rise in gang violence in Richmond and Greater Vancouver highlights the need for gun control which is truly effective and is driven by evidence and not ideology. 


MP Chiu is opposed to Justin Trudeau’s new gun control measures which were passed undemocratically without a vote in the House of Commons. These new laws arbitrarily restrict certain weapons including toy airsoft rifles while doing nothing to address the pervasive issue of smuggled firearms. In order to address gun crime, we must fight the flow of illegal guns from the United States. In the last election Kenny campaigned on a plan that would include the creation of a CBSA firearms smuggling task force to work with local law enforcement on both sides of the border to interdict smuggled guns. On top of this, the plan will implement a minimum five year sentence for the criminals who traffic illegal firearms into Canada.

Racism and Anti-Asian Hate in Richmond


MP Chiu recognizes that hate crimes of any sort, no matter which group they target, are absolutely unacceptable and counter to our Canadian way of life. Racism is an incendiary topic, it is deeply personal and can be uncomfortable to discuss for fear of fueling a fire. Racism is universal, no one group is solely responsible for racism against another. 


No matter your race, religion, or sexual orientation, violence and hate hurts us all. We must focus on the values we share over what makes us different. Respect is key to this. We should build bridges and make reasonable accommodations to allow for inclusion and cultural understanding to develop. 


He would ask everyone to please remember to be good to one another, to not allow the actions of unstable or manipulative individuals to cause division and sow a fear which hurts our community and is against the very values and freedoms that make us Canadian.

Federal Vaccination Program

MP Chiu believes vaccines are the key to ending this pandemic and encourages everyone to get their shot as soon as it is available to them just as he received the first dose this May. Unfortunately, early on Canada fell behind other western nations in securing enough vaccines for all our citizens. As of the beginning of June 2021, Canada had fully vaccinated less than 6% of its population, significantly trailing other developed countries around the world. 


At the beginning of the pandemic, Canada did not have our own large-scale vaccine manufacturing facilities, this is often cited as a reason for why Canada has fallen behind. However, the United Kingdom found itself in the exact same position when the pandemic began. While Canada decided to partner with a Chinese company to develop vaccines (a partnership China unilaterally abandoned), the United Kingdom developed their domestic production capacity. Now, the UK is nearly fully vaccinated. In Israel, they did not develop their own vaccines but instead they were the first to place orders with the major vaccine manufacturers. Canada, on the other hand, was one of the last developed nations in the world to place any orders at all. Israel now has some of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Simply put, government decisions, including a decision to partner with a hostile partner like the People’s Republic of China has cost many Canadians their lives and resulted in further economic shutdowns. These are only to mention the tangible costs of the pandemic, at the same time, hundreds of thousands have seen their mental health suffer. It didn’t have to be this way. MP Chiu joins his colleagues in calling for a national inquiry into the pandemic response.