Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of government are federal responsibilities?

Kenny Chiu is a federal member of parliament. As such he must operate within the jurisdiction of the federal government. Items like schools, and hospitals, and potholes on the roads are unfortunately out of his hands. However, important items such as immigration and citizenship, vaccine procurement, the military, fisheries, criminal law, foreign affairs and unemployment insurance are issues controlled by the government. 


Where is MP Kenny Chiu’s office and how can I get in touch? 

Our office is located at 3251 Chatham St, Richmond - near Garry Point Park. While we are not accepting in person meetings at this time due to COVID-19, we are happy to meet with you over the phone or email. We can be reached at (604) 257-2900 and at


What is MP Kenny Chiu's role in Parliament

In parliament, MP Chiu is the representative for Steveston Richmond-East. Here, he advocates for the issues which matter to Richmondites and Canada at large. In parliament, Mr. Chiu has spoken on issues such as gang violence in Richmond, birth tourism, standing up for small businesses, global human rights, and many more. You can find some of these speeches on his youtube page at Kenny also serves as the Vice Chair on the Subcommittee on International Human Rights. This committee conducts investigations into human rights abuses around the world and has produced reports on human trafficking and modern slavery, the situation in Xinjiang, China, and others. Lastly, Kenny serves as the Chair of the Canada-Hong Kong Parliamentary Friendship Group, which promotes goodwill and economic ties between Canada and Hong Kong.


Where can I register to get vaccinated and learn more about federal COVID-19 policies?

BC residents can register for vaccines at and I highly recommend everyone does so. For the most up to date information on COVID-19 policies and restrictions, visit and