My Commitment to Fight Climate Change in Parliament

My Conservative colleagues and I believe that government should put consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to fighting climate change, and that we can reduce emissions while preserving jobs in all sectors of the economy. Residents of Steveston-Richmond East know that the Liberal government’s approach to climate change is one of big government taxes and phasing out jobs at a time that we need them the most.

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My Conservative colleagues and I believe that we should implement an innovative Personal Low Carbon Savings Account, in collaboration with the provinces.

Unlike the Liberal government’s carbon tax, a Personal Low Carbon Savings Account would maintain a consumer price on carbon without one penny going to the government.


The account would be managed by you and could be used towards purchases that will help you lower your carbon footprint, improve the efficiency of your home and live a greener life. For you, maybe this means applying the savings account towards buying a transit pass, a new hybrid vehicle, or putting the money towards new windows for your home.



Natural gas will continue to be an important fuel for years to come. That is why it is important to reduce the climate impact of the natural gas we burn to heat our homes. My Conservative colleagues and I support requiring that 15 percent of the natural gas we use to fuel transit fleets, generate electricity, power industry, and heat homes and businesses be renewable by 2030.

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Government shouldn’t change the rules just for the sake of change. The Liberal government has already created far too much regulatory uncertainty. Canada should propose to the Biden administration minimum North American standards for key industrial sectors, backed up by border carbon tariffs to prevent leakage of emissions - and jobs - to countries with lower environmental and emissions standards like China.



Public transit is important, but let’s be realistic – Canada is a big, northern country, where for many people the idea of giving up a car and taking transit is simply impossible.


This means that electric and hydrogen vehicles will be essential to meeting our climate goals. My Conservative colleagues and I support increasing the number of zero emission vehicles on the road, and believe that the government should require 30 percent of light duty vehicles sold in Canada to be zero emissions by the year 2030.

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The federal government could make our world-class energy sector even cleaner by introducing a tax credit to rapidly accelerate the deployment of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage. This would also maintain Canadian technological leadership in this critical area.